Carlsberg, 2. Preis

Carlsberg, Copenhagen, side by side
Offene Internationaler Wettbewerb, 2. Preis
Landschaftsarchitektur: Christine Früh

A city that challenges the future and having the base on its own historical culture
The work of several generations of energetic people has created today’s Carlsberg Group. This cultural and economical achievement is displayed by high quality of the architecture, the gardens and free spaces on the Carlsberg’s brewery ground in Copenhagen. The present concept aims to unveil the site’s (Carlsberg Site) special characteristic, the atmosphere and to overlay it with a new urban structure – side om side. The new, urban structure offers complex spaces, which are open for a multilayered living together, cultural changes and social further developments.

City life
Forth stands the quality of life
Diverse people, townsfolk (townsman, townspeople, urbanites, city dweller) are living, working and residing (live, dwell, room), constituting the community – Carlsberg by – side om side.

Urban form
The area’s arrangement of differentiated scopes with specific characteristics is displayed in the implementation (moulding) of the urbanite figure. The central scope (Ny Carlsberg Vej) forms a distinct figuration with a high density and higher buildings as in the northern and southern parts.

Multilayered City
This structure ensures the integration of the asset, the listed buildings, to integrate them into the master-concept with the new constructions (side om side), allows the ensemble’s autonomy. Varying architecture, individual buildings are bound together to an ensemble.